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Priceless Benefits Of Being Organised

The Priceless Benefits Of Being Organised

Real benefits of being organised span far beyond the aesthetics of an ‘orderly organised space’. In fact the real benefits are often priceless…

If you’re feeling a bit behind or overwhelmed as you look around your home or office, have a think about what it would really mean to you to bring things back under control.

My Mom reminded me of this as we were reminiscing over my most recent visit.

Earlier this year I visited my folks in the US – it was my Mom’s birthday – and while I was there we finally had a good ole cull-and-sort-out of their garage!

It had been a project on the radar for some time, and this visit we decided to hunker down and dedicate the time and elbow grease needed to really make a difference.

The result?

  1. Dozens of boxes and heaving bin liners made their way to Goodwill donations or for recycling.
  2. Several heaps of outdated tax and other sensitive documents got shredded in mere minutes at a locally organised ‘Shred it’ day.
  3. We rearranged, relocated and reorganised what remained.

Now, that’s what happened: the garage got sorted out.

…But what did it mean to my parents?

  • Massive peace of mind. Clearing the excess paperwork – the obsolete tax documents and old business files – was a huge weight lifted off my Mom’s mind. She is relieved to be rid of all that pesky paper. And my parents are both relieved to have up-to-date records and an easy, organised, rolling tax system in place going forward.
  • An inviting, uplifting space. My Dad had always enjoyed spending time in the garage – his man-cave, yet it had become less appealing and enjoyable with excess stuff taking over and – let’s face it – the garage had become a bit of an eyesore. Streamlining the space and even hanging a few excavated treasures such as this little number pictured below ūüėČ have transformed the look, feel and functionality in there. Now he loves his garage again!

Cory Cook Childhood Artwork 600

Artwork by Cory Cook, the early years, featured in ‘Cook Garage Gallery’ ūüėČ

  • Feel good factor. Let’s not under-estimate the good, actually really good, feeling that comes from clearing out the old and finally tackling those tedious jobs. Getting rid of old stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore, particularly when it’s in the way of you living or working freely, is highly liberating.

Did it take some work? You bet.

A few solid invested days, a lot of strategising to re-work the area, and countless decisions.

We slept well each night, to say the least! It was well worth it though, and my parents are still reaping the rewards.

Which rooms or areas have been sitting on your radar that you’ve put off doing because it feels like a big undertaking?

Look beyond the task itself and determine what it would really mean to you to finally get it sorted…

…Peace of mind?

…Coveted headspace to perform your work better?

…Finally feel you can relax and enjoy your home?

…Ability to do something you couldn’t do before?

Wouldn’t the effort be worth it?

The benefits of being organised are priceless. So resolve to make it happen. In fact, schedule it into your diary or get started now!

As always, let me know how you get on, I love hearing from you!

P.S. If you’ve made a start, and your efforts quickly unraveled, consider enlisting some help. I can help you turn your situation around in a fraction of the time of doing it alone. Let’s have a chat. Call me on 07590 069 900 or easily schedule a call using my online scheduler here.¬†


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