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How To Be Organised With Your Money

How To Be Organised With Your Money – Guest Post

Are you organised with your money? Ahhhhh …Spring is in the air …the UK tax year has just ended …so naturally we turn our thoughts to …..our finances, right?  Not your first thought? Then today’s post is just for you! In the spirit of Spring Cleaning and being organised in ALL aspects of our business and personal lives, now is a great […]

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Are you ready today?

Are You Ready Today?

Are you ready today? Today, I’m interested in learning how you’ve been functioning in your day-to-day business life. Do you feel you’re more or less on top of things, in control and …READY? Or do you often curse at yourself for being behind and not better prepared? Make no mistake, being ‘ready’ for anything at […]

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Could you use a quick win today?

Could You Use A Quick Win Today?

Do you feel busier than a centipede at a foot washin’? Expression credit to my Texan Mother 😉 The busier we become, the trickier it is to stay organised. If you’re barely managing to stay on top of your work day, it won’t take long before your office turns chaotic and disorganised. And that can feel […]

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Do You Need A Notebook For Your Notes?

Do You Need A Notebook For Your Notes?

What’s your current system for capturing notes? Picture the scene: – You’re on the phone and need to take down a phone number or reference code. – You’re calling for quotes to hire a conference room and need to jot down rates and availability. – You suddenly get an idea for your business and want to capture […]

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Priceless Benefits Of Being Organised

The Priceless Benefits Of Being Organised

Real benefits of being organised span far beyond the aesthetics of an ‘orderly organised space’. In fact the real benefits are often priceless… If you’re feeling a bit behind or overwhelmed as you look around your home or office, have a think about what it would really mean to you to bring things back under […]

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Could you finish your work by noon?

Could You Finish Your Work By Noon?

Are you up for a productivity challenge today? Excellent, I thought you might be game! Here’s your mission: Complete your day’s work by noon. That’s it! Now, let’s be reasonable, it may not be realistic for you to complete all your work by noon (depending partly when you’re reading this!). However, I’d wager you can […]

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BBC News

BBC News – The Self-Storage Craze

People are leaving their possessions in self-storage warehouses for longer than ever. But why are people paying to store stuff they rarely use? The mania for storage centres began in the US in the 1960s and the country now has over 50,000 such facilities. They arrived in London in the 1990s but didn’t take off […]

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