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Get ahead on your taxes

Get Ahead On Your Taxes And Get Smug!

Are you feeling smug today? 

I’m pretty sure you would be if you got your taxes submitted! Already done and dusted, you say? Then cease reading now, and spend a few quiet minutes of well-deserved ‘smug’ over a celebratory cuppa.

Not so smug? Read on… 😉 

Seriously, is there anything so satisfying and relieving as finally submitting your personal and corporate taxes?

And, is there a feeling so smug as beating the looming deadlines, well in advance? 

Ok, perhaps there are other, more exciting joys in life.

But today, let’s talk taxes and why it’s a great idea to submit them as early as you can.

We all know they’re coming, and we know they must be done.

As English actor and dramatist Christopher Bullock quoted way back in 1716, “Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes.” 

Yet so many people run themselves through the wringer year after year, putting off the inevitable. …And causing themselves unnecessary angst, each and every time.

I really hope this is not you. But if it is, even if only ‘sometimes’, I want you to resolve to NOT be that person this year …or ever again for that matter!

If it helps, here’s a selection of benefits to lure you into taking tax action now:

1 Feel-good-factor at the helm of your ship. You will feel deliciously organised and in control of your affairs. Besides the requirement and responsibility of tax filing, life and business simply feels better – and flows better – when we’re proactively steering the wheel …and not scrambling to stay afloat.

2 Avoid the ‘deadline crazy’. Even if you’re someone who thrives ‘under pressure’, give yourself and your stress levels a break. Don’t do that to yourself, it’s really not nice. Seriously, stop it!

3 Show your accountant some love! Pushing your tax deadline to the wire doesn’t just impact you, think of your accountant’s bandwidth. Submit early. He or she will appreciate the extra breathing room and lightened load later on, when everyone else’s taxes are piling in at the witching hour!

4 Extra time to prepare if – and how much – you might owe. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t find it much fun when I submitted a tad too close to deadline one year, and learned I had a chunk-o-change to part with the next day for my corporate tax bill. Thankfully that was a one-off occurrence and doesn’t happen anymore. Grant yourself the peace of mind of advance notice, so you won’t get zinged with an unexpected doozie at the last minute.

5 State of Smug. …Did I mention how smug you’ll feel? Get ahead on your taxes. Smug feels good!

Next time I’ll share some of my top tips to getting – and staying – organised and ahead of the game on your taxes.

In the meantime, how about ring-fencing some time to get cracking?

As always, let me know how you get on, I love hearing from you!


P.S. Taxes can be taxing, especially if you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed and disorganised. If you’ve fallen behind in keeping your filing system current, or you haven’t quite got a system in place the really works for you, let’s have a chat. I’d be delighted to help you turn your situation around. 

Check out my selection of services to help you here. 

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