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Use A Password Manager

Why You Should Use A Password Manager

Let’s talk passwords today. Do you use a password manager? If not, what is your current password system? I know that may feel like a mean question, if you don’t have one. But it’s important. Sadly, it’s one of those tasks or projects we keep meaning to get around to, but just don’t. Yet, having […]

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Do you feel guilty taking you time?

Do You Feel Guilty Taking You Time?

Do you feel guilty about taking time out of your schedule …just for YOU? “If I could just schedule some ‘me-time’ …and not feel guilty about it!” I hear this A LOT in working with my clients, and it came up again in a purely social conversation just last week. Now, you may have zero issue […]

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Get ahead on your taxes

Get Ahead On Your Taxes And Get Smug!

Are you feeling smug today?  I’m pretty sure you would be if you got your taxes submitted! Already done and dusted, you say? Then cease reading now, and spend a few quiet minutes of well-deserved ‘smug’ over a celebratory cuppa. Not so smug? Read on… 😉  Seriously, is there anything so satisfying and relieving as […]

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How To Be Organised With Your Money

How To Be Organised With Your Money – Guest Post

Are you organised with your money? Ahhhhh …Spring is in the air …the UK tax year has just ended …so naturally we turn our thoughts to …..our finances, right?  Not your first thought? Then today’s post is just for you! In the spirit of Spring Cleaning and being organised in ALL aspects of our business and personal lives, now is a great […]

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Are you ready today?

Are You Ready Today?

Are you ready today? Today, I’m interested in learning how you’ve been functioning in your day-to-day business life. Do you feel you’re more or less on top of things, in control and …READY? Or do you often curse at yourself for being behind and not better prepared? Make no mistake, being ‘ready’ for anything at […]

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Pulling out the stops to reach your goal

Are You Pulling Out All The Stops To Reach Your Goal?

Are you pulling out all the stops to reach your goal? “Pulling out all the stops…” I do love an expression, don’t you? If you’re not familiar with the origin behind this one, it comes from playing a traditional pipe organ. The volume of the organ is controlled by knobs or stops, and ‘pulling out […]

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do you love your office?

Do You Love Your Office?

Do you love your office? …or have you lost that lovin’ feeling? As far as I’m concerned, little says ‘love’ like an affair with a workspace you’re excited to show up to! You know the feeling… A space that lures you in for a productive day’s work …with its irresistible sense of order and oh-so-charming […]

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time to schedule unscheduled time

Time To Schedule Unscheduled Time

What does your week look like? And I mean that quite literally. Pause for a moment and glance at your schedule. Cast an eye on today, this week and – while you’re at it – next week as well. Hand on heart, are there any ‘free’ gaps or have you scheduled yourself to the max? […]

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Could you use a quick win today?

Could You Use A Quick Win Today?

Do you feel busier than a centipede at a foot washin’? Expression credit to my Texan Mother 😉 The busier we become, the trickier it is to stay organised. If you’re barely managing to stay on top of your work day, it won’t take long before your office turns chaotic and disorganised. And that can feel […]

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Do You Need A Notebook For Your Notes?

Do You Need A Notebook For Your Notes?

What’s your current system for capturing notes? Picture the scene: – You’re on the phone and need to take down a phone number or reference code. – You’re calling for quotes to hire a conference room and need to jot down rates and availability. – You suddenly get an idea for your business and want to capture […]

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