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Pulling out the stops to reach your goal

Are You Pulling Out All The Stops To Reach Your Goal?

Are you pulling out all the stops to reach your goal?

“Pulling out all the stops…”

I do love an expression, don’t you?

If you’re not familiar with the origin behind this one, it comes from playing a traditional pipe organ. The volume of the organ is controlled by knobs or stops, and ‘pulling out all the stops’ allows the organ to play as loudly as it possibly can.

The expression, as we use it, means to put forth a great effort and do everything one can to make something successful.


Are you pulling out all the stops to reach your business goal?

If not, today’s a great day to dig a bit deeper to find out why.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is the goal realistic?
  • Will it take some hard work?
  • Will you not see results for a long time?

You may need a few more questions…

  • Is the outcome worth the time and energy needed to make it happen?
  • Is the goal really and truly compelling?
  • Is the goal yours and do you feel like you own it?

Place yourself at the finish line having fully achieved the end result. How do you feel?

Incredibly satisfied and victorious? …Or a bit, meh?

The thing is, most anything that’s genuinely worthwhile takes serious commitment and dedication.

There will be patches where we won’t see progress for some time, and the day-to-day efforts may feel mundane. Or tough. Or boring.

Give your goal the once over again, for good measure.

Not trying to beat a dead horse, but it’s important to get this bit right.

Is your current goal something that – hand on heart – you really, really want for yourself? Something you’d regret not bringing to fruition?

If somewhere deep down a goal no longer appeals to you, was set out of obligation to someone else, or it’s what you think you’re supposed to want, the goal is not yours.

Give yourself permission to drop it immediately. Like a hot potato. Don’t bother pulling out ANY stops or wasting another minute of your valuable time even thinking about it.

Redirect your focus on a riveting goal or target you honestly do want.

All systems go?

If your goal is still prominent, and you just fell behind or got knocked off course – as happens, this is life after all! – then identify what you need to do to get back on track.

How can you manage your time (or rather, what you do in your time) differently to progress your goal?

Don’t let ‘lack of time’ be your excuse. Inject some control here. Perhaps it’s time to reassess your current commitments and make changes to your schedule.

Implement action:

Refuelled by the vison of achieving your goal (having just visually stood at the finish line a moment ago), do whatever you need to do to get back in the game.

For instance, block out a window of time each day, once a week, whatever works, and max that window with top effort towards your goal.

…Own your goal.

…Pull out all the stops.

Reach your goal.

#BeReady #LetsGo!


As always, I love hearing from you so please pipe up (yes, pun toooootally intended, couldn’t resist!) and let me know how you get on and/or if I can help!

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