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Are you ready today?

Are You Ready Today?

Are you ready today?

Today, I’m interested in learning how you’ve been functioning in your day-to-day business life.

Do you feel you’re more or less on top of things, in control and …READY?

Or do you often curse at yourself for being behind and not better prepared?

Make no mistake, being ‘ready’ for anything at the drop of a hat is no small feat.

Being ready takes constant vigilance, discipline and pre-planning. Not to mention, a lot of on-going maintenance to keep us from falling behind.

And it’s not just what we do when we ‘start work’, but also what happens in the background, before and after work.

In working with one of my clients (we’ll call him Mark), we discovered that what was happening – or rather not happening – behind-the-scenes was a major cause of daily stress and feeling out-of-control at work.

Mark wasn’t arriving to his office on time, which made him feel guilty so he’d stay and work longer hours. By the time he got home, he was too exhausted to do any planning or preparation to make the next day flow smoothly.

The result? The pattern repeated itself.

So, we tweaked his daily routines, re-arranged and re-organised some areas in his home for improved efficiency and functionality. Now his mornings run like clockwork and he is ‘ready’ for the day.

And, because he’s more timely in his arrival, he feels much better about shutting the door on work at a much more reasonable hour.

If you’re not feeling ready today, perhaps something similar is getting in the way for you, too?

  • Was your home ordered last night, so you woke to a calm environment?
  • Was your shirt ironed (and not two minutes before you needed to put it on?!)
  • Was your workspace waiting for you in a state of readiness for today?

Whatever may be letting you down, resolve to get to the heart of it.

For today, I just want you to focus on one area you can tackle to help you feel ‘ready’.

Don’t try to change everything at once.

Just focus on the one thing for now, and do it every day.


As always, you know I love hearing from you, so please do let me know how you get on and/or if I can help!

Are YOU ready to BE READY?

Then let’s get you sorted behind-the-scenes!

I’d love to help you!

If a disorganised office and lack of time management prowess are stopping you from taking your business to the next level, it’s time to reclaim control.

Have a look at my Productivity & Profit Programme to see how I can help you reorganise your workspace and revamp your time management skills. Achieve more, stress less!

Interested? Let’s have a chat…

Call me on +44 (0) 7590 069 900, or for better efficiency, schedule a complimentary call using my online scheduler here: Let’s have a chat!

To your productivity and success,


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