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Could you finish your work by noon?

Could You Finish Your Work By Noon?

Are you up for a productivity challenge today?

Excellent, I thought you might be game! Here’s your mission:

Complete your day’s work by noon. That’s it!

Now, let’s be reasonable, it may not be realistic for you to complete all your work by noon (depending partly when you’re reading this!). However, I’d wager you can get through your most important work by then. What do you say?

Compared to how you work now…

> How would it feel to arrive at midday knowing you’ve already accomplished some of your most important tasks? Would you experience relief, satisfaction, victory?

> What impact would it have on advancing your business if you had dedicated time each morning to move the needle, leaving the afternoon for other pursuits?

> What could it mean for you personally to get more accomplished by lunchtime. Less stress in the afternoon? More personal, social or family time later in the day?

Are you in? Let’s do it. Here are a few practices to help make the shift:

1) Aim for results, not hours.

Often we place more focus on ‘putting in the hours’ than we do on achieving results. This can lead to an increase in ‘busywork’ and a reduction in productivity. If you focus instead on simply achieving your desired results, you’ll blaze through your important work faster, with less ‘filler’ activity getting in the way.

Plus, your efforts will be more focused by concentrating on the outcome.

2) Plan for success: Get organised.

What do you need to prepare logistically to get started first thing?

  • Clear your workspace. Remove anything – I repeat, anything – that might get in the way or distract you from your efforts.
  • Prepare any materials or information you’ll need so it’s all at the ready.
  • Block the time in your diary.
  • Disable alerts and notifications.
  • Notify relevant contacts or colleagues if necessary that you’re going off-grid.
  • Treat the time as you would an appointment.

3) Rise earlier, start earlier.

You may find an earlier start will give you the extra edge on the day. Adjust your sleep as necessary to start getting up incrementally earlier to give you time to mentally switch on. Make your bed. Meditate. Go for a run. Read. Do something for yourself before you get started. It’s not always easy, yet once you’re up and at it, that extra time is well worth the effort for what you can get done before the rest of the world starts stirring.

4) Decide your best activity.

Sales calls, creating content, business development, etc. Which activity or activities will drive your business forward? Where could you make your real gains? Choose the activity with the highest return on effort and dive right in. Leave the menials, quick wins and maintenance tasks for the afternoon. Don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere.

Remember… “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

5) Make it work for you.

We all have unique circumstances. Your personal or work circumstances may dictate some or all of your morning schedule. If the hours before midday aren’t practical, find an equivalent window in your day. Again, it’s not about completely finishing your day at noon, although it could be! Why not?

The important thing is to knock out your most important tasks as early in the day as possible. You’ll have the confidence and reassurance that you’ve taken care of ‘real business’ before the day throws you a curveball. And that feels good!

…And, when you hit a day where you feel you’ve accomplished your mission by noon, log off have an indulgent lunch and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Are you in? Game on!

What will you achieve by midday?

What will you do in the afternoon?

Let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear from you!


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