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Do you really need one more thing?

Do You Really Need One More Thing?

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Do you really need one more thing?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Take some solace that you’re not alone!

I’ve been busy working with clients in their homes and home offices, and over the past couple of weeks in particular I’ve noticed a recurring theme:

The weight and overwhelm of: “One more thing.”

With everything else on our plates, overwhelm kicks in when we’re bombarded by a surplus of ‘stuff’, ‘tasks’ and ‘activities’ in relation to our time, space and energy available.

  • We only have so much time.
  • We only have so much space.
  • And – though we may not like to admit it – we only have so much energy.

Every time we allow something new to enter the lair, that action creates ‘one more thing’ we’ve now committed ourselves to in some way.

Do you really have the time and/or space for …

…one more thing to read?

…one more thing to carry around?

…one more thing to clean?

…one more thing to think about?

…one more thing to do every day?

…one more thing to find a spot for in your home?

…one more thing to derail you from your main business focus?

…one more thing to fill the last gap of breathing room in your already committed day?

Everything counts: Picking up loyalty cards, purchasing more books than you’ll have time to read, subscribing to newsletters. Loading up on gadgets, downloading apps, making impulse purchases.

These little ‘add-ons’ may not seem significant at the time, because we tend to buy or commit to things in isolated instances. And so they accumulate.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Recognise that you act with best intentions at heart, then resolve to simplify.

Have a good look through your magnifying glass today.

What could you eliminate to free up some time or space, that would be one less thing on your plate to worry about?

Eliminate it straight away.

Ahhhh… How does that feel…like a weight’s been lifted?

From this moment, resolve to question anything else trying to make its way into your home, your office, your handbag or rucksack, your email, your schedule, your life.

A question to help: Will this add genuine value to my business or life, or will it just be ‘one more thing’?

What will you eliminate today?

Let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. If you’re finding it difficult to determine what to keep and what to eliminate let’s have a chat! This is how I help my clients and I’d love to help you, too! Don’t sit there struggling, let’s turn your situation around so you can get on with more important things, like running your business …or putting your feet up for some guilt-free relaxation! Call me on 07590 069 900 or easily schedule a call using my online scheduler here. 

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