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How To Be More Organised At Work

This contributing article was first published on 21 January 2015 in The Guardian on-line Small Business Network. View the on-line article here: How To Be More Organised At Work  Being organised is one of the most effective skills a small business can acquire to achieve success. When we’re organised, we think more clearly. We’re in […]

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Productive November

Will November Be Your Most Productive Month?

With October coming to a close tomorrow, chances are you’re gasping at the thought of December and perhaps feeling suddenly, very behind. Don’t despair, and don’t write off the end of the year just yet. Instead of stressing about crazy December, get busy. Pull out the stops and make November a bumper month of productivity. […]

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Be Prepared! Why Planning Is Not Enough

Are your best laid plans often scuppered by lack of preparation? That’s because planning and preparing are two different things.  You plan to get out of the house by 7.00, but at 7.35 you’re still racing around getting dressed, throwing stuff in your briefcase or searching for your keys. You didn’t prepare. You’ve been planning […]

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Firetask Tame Your To-Do List

Firetask Review: Tame Your To-Do List With Firetask

If you’re struggling with your existing task and project management system – or perhaps a lack thereof – consider turning to some technology to make life simpler. Today we’ll look at some basic functions of the Firetask app and how it can help you tame those never-ending tasks and to-do’s. The features below are by […]

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Productivity - Running A Business, Not Running Around

Microsoft – Productivity: Running a Business, Not Running Around

Microsoft – Productivity: Running a Business, Not Running Around Article posted by Microsoft Small Business, with contributing experts Clare Evans, author of ‘Time Management for Dummies’ and Cory Cook who share tips on productivity and time management.  Tips include the benefits and importance of taking a strategic approach to running your business, planning, prioritising, and […]

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Achieving goals a day at a time

How to Achieve Goals? The Power of Incremental Steps

Can you do 100 push-ups right now? OK, ‘right now’ may sound outrageously impossible, but try the 100 push-up challenge and I’ll wager you can at the end of a few weeks. One of the most effective methods on how to achieve goals is to exercise the power of incremental steps. I know because at […]

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Estimating Time Accurately – Why You Need A Stopwatch

Most to-do lists are missing a critical element: A time estimate for each task. How do you know what will and won’t fit into your day if you’re not estimating time accurately? You may argue that you already do indicate estimates for your tasks, which is great. The question is, are they based on quantifiable experience […]

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Write down the things to do in the notebook

Get It Done! Completing Tasks

William James once wrote: “Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” I couldn’t agree more. I thought I’d never finish this blog! I couldn’t resist a little humour… but there is admittedly some truth in it, too. Why is it so fatiguing? Because each and every time we are […]

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