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Productive November

Will November Be Your Most Productive Month?

With October coming to a close tomorrow, chances are you’re gasping at the thought of December and perhaps feeling suddenly, very behind.

Don’t despair, and don’t write off the end of the year just yet.

Instead of stressing about crazy December, get busy. Pull out the stops and make November a bumper month of productivity.

In fact if you play your cards right, November is an excellent month for getting stuff done.

Nothing motivates productivity like a deadline, so use 30th November to wrap up those loose ends and take care of stuff you’d rather not see carried into the New Year.

Here are 20 ways to make November count:

1. Get those taxes done and dusted. Don’t let this weigh down your festive spirit.
2. Write a book! Sign up to NaNoWriMo and by the end of the month you could have your first novel drafted.
3. De-clutter 465 things: Play The Minimalists’ Minimalism Game. Each day of the month you eliminate the corresponding number of items. On 1st November, 1 thing goes, 2nd November 2 things go, etc.
4. Complete your holiday shopping.
5. Organise the most troublesome area in your home.
6. Identify what you want to be in place to start the year, a new work-out regimen, a new business plan? Start now, you’ll be more likely to continue after the ‘New Year’ hype fizzles out.
7. Clear out your personal and business files of absolutely everything that is obsolete.
8. Been thinking about clearing the storage unit? Great month to do it. Take the savings from the monthly fee plus anything you might sell and enjoy an end of year treat.
9. Sort those paper mountains once and for all.
10. Have travel plans coming up? Book’em Danno! Get tickets, hotels and any other reservations out of the way.
11. How about all those magazines, catalogues, newspaper articles you were going to read. Head towards the end of the year feeling light, not burdened with catch-up. Limit yourself 10 likely reads, recycle the rest. There’ll be plenty more where they came from.
12. Update your ‘contacts’. Ensure you have up-to-date details, eliminate or merge duplicates, weed out those that aren’t relevant or that leave you clueless.
13. Organise your office.
14. Don’t just cull your paper files, dive into your computer and purge all those outdated, obsolete, unreferenced documents.
15. Schedule a coffee, lunch or meeting with those 3 people you “keep meaning to call”. Or just call!
16. Fix or toss those broken items lingering about. If it doesn’t get fixed now, out it goes. Make November the month.
17. Organise your wardrobe.
18. Look at your home through the eyes of your guests, especially if you’ll be entertaining or hosting family. Check the state of your bathrooms, linens, etc. Refresh or replace as necessary.
19. Plan your menus. With everything else on your plate (pun intended) don’t waste time reinventing the wheel at mealtime. Come up with two weeks of meal plans and rotate them.
20. Read (or re-read) my post How To Stay Sane and Organised During The Holidays.

What will you do come 1st November? Post a comment below!

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