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What Are You Doing About That Squeaky Door

What Are You Doing About That Squeaky Door?

What are you up to today? It might be a workday for you, or maybe you’re about to unplug for some fun or relaxing downtime. If the latter sounds far too indulgent, as you count up the list of things you still need to do, you’re not alone. Many people I work with find it […]

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Three Reasons Your'e Not Taking Action

3 Reasons You’re Not Taking Action

We all have them. The items on the to-do list that never get crossed off. The weekend projects that never get done. The big long-term goals that never get started. Think about a particular task or goal that’s been on your radar a while and see if one of the below is a reason you’re […]

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3 Powerful Questions To Start The Day 1500

3 Powerful Questions To Start Your Day

How do you start your work day? I don’t know about you, but I don’t begin any work until I’ve spent a few minutes planning my day, clarifying where my focus needs to be. For me, this pre-work planning time organises me mentally for the day ahead. I don’t want to ‘do’ a bunch of stuff. […]

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illustration with stylized head of a man

How To Trick Your Mind To Get Things Done

Part IV of a 4-part series on: Procrastination If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it. ~Olin Miller Previously in this series we looked at how our choice of words, strategic timing and a small daily habit can help battle the universal challenge of procrastination. Today we turn […]

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Writing on blue post it paper

Why Your To-Do List Should Fit On A Post-It Note

How many tasks are on your to-do list today?  Try this, if the number is too great to fit on the front of a Post-It Note, then I propose there are too many. Don’t believe me? Review your daily tasks over the past week. How many did you complete on average each day? Also consider the […]

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What is Your Excuse

Why You Need An Accountability Partner

If another week’s gone past and you still didn’t perform the simple yet important task you assigned yourself, it begs the question: What’s your excuse?  Part of the problem may be that you’re only reporting to yourself. When there’s little to no consequence for not doing something, the chances are greater we’ll let ourselves off […]

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A calendar with every date x-d out or marked out,

Stay Motivated With A 30-Day Streak

Have you found it a struggle to stay motivated lately? Perhaps you’re building a new habit, learning something new or falling behind on a regular activity. Motivation comes in many forms and as individuals we are motivated in different ways. An end goal with an enticing reward attached is propelling for some, whereas others make […]

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Firetask Tame Your To-Do List

Firetask Review: Tame Your To-Do List With Firetask

If you’re struggling with your existing task and project management system – or perhaps a lack thereof – consider turning to some technology to make life simpler. Today we’ll look at some basic functions of the Firetask app and how it can help you tame those never-ending tasks and to-do’s. The features below are by […]

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Achieving goals a day at a time

How to Achieve Goals? The Power of Incremental Steps

Can you do 100 push-ups right now? OK, ‘right now’ may sound outrageously impossible, but try the 100 push-up challenge and I’ll wager you can at the end of a few weeks. One of the most effective methods on how to achieve goals is to exercise the power of incremental steps. I know because at […]

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Why You Should Reduce Your Working Hours

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity and ensure the important things get done is to reduce your working hours. It’s easy to let work run rampant with a big open schedule. But when it’s crunch time, we’re forced to prioritise and only the important stuff makes the cut. As Brian Tracy says, […]

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