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heeeeeeeelp! (serie)

5 Ways Your Disorganised Office is Costing You

Have a good look at your work space. Is it a flourishing environment where you feel productive and in control? Or is the chaos of a disorganised office leaving you stressed and overwhelmed? If it’s the latter, your work environment may be causing you to suffer in more ways than you realise. Consider the areas […]

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Unwanted Gifts

Unwanted Gifts – 7 Tips to Giving and Receiving

Tis the season…but amidst the magic of the holidays, dealing¬†with unwanted gifts can be emotionally stressful and awkward. On the giving side, we may feel offended if we don’t see our gift being used or enjoyed the way we pictured it in our mind’s eye. On the receiving end, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s […]

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Achieving goals a day at a time

How to Achieve Goals? The Power of Incremental Steps

Can you do 100 push-ups right now? OK, ‘right now’ may sound outrageously impossible, but try the 100 push-up challenge and I’ll wager you can at the end of a few weeks. One of the most effective methods on how to achieve goals is to exercise the power of incremental steps. I know because at […]

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