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Do I Have Your Full Attention?

Do I still have your full attention? See if you can get through this post without doing or thinking about anything else. Sounds easy, right? Try it. Already you may be thinking about an appointment you have this afternoon or the unread emails filling your inbox. Or, perhaps you’re reading this post while on a […]

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Are You Overcommitted And Underperforming?

Do you feel like you’re in constant motion, yet never seem to get anywhere? Chances are you’re caught on the ‘overcommitted and underperforming’ merry-go-round of today. I’ve been there, and I see it all the time. It happens when we stretch ourselves too thin across projects, pursuits and workload. We reach a tipping point where we no longer perform […]

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Pomodoro Keeper Timer App 700

Set A Timer And Get More Done

The humble timer is arguably one of the simplest, most effective tools to keep us time-focused. In the context of work or study, setting a timer… Provides a sense of urgency. Helps us work through the noise of everything else screaming for attention. Gives us a deadline. Quickens our pace to get things done. Helps us avoid time […]

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Too Much Information?

When’s the last time you took an honest look at the information you keep? I’m not talking about bank statements or tax records. Rather ‘other’ information we acquire with our work. Consider items such as old reference books, catalogues, newspapers and magazines, clippings, flyers and pamphlets, binders and notebooks from workshops and courses, previous project documents, […]

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heeeeeeeelp! (serie)

5 Ways Your Disorganised Office is Costing You

Have a good look at your work space. Is it a flourishing environment where you feel productive and in control? Or is the chaos of a disorganised office leaving you stressed and overwhelmed? If it’s the latter, your work environment may be causing you to suffer in more ways than you realise. Consider the areas […]

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Achieving goals a day at a time

How to Achieve Goals? The Power of Incremental Steps

Can you do 100 push-ups right now? OK, ‘right now’ may sound outrageously impossible, but try the 100 push-up challenge and I’ll wager you can at the end of a few weeks. One of the most effective methods on how to achieve goals is to exercise the power of incremental steps. I know because at […]

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Why You Should Reduce Your Working Hours

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity and ensure the important things get done is to reduce your working hours. It’s easy to let work run rampant with a big open schedule. But when it’s crunch time, we’re forced to prioritise and only the important stuff makes the cut. As Brian Tracy says, […]

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Have A Minute? Managing Interruptions

Interruptions are a part of life. Sometimes they bring a welcome break, especially if we’ve been working on something tedious or boring. But when we allow the interruptions to run rampant and trod all over our best laid plans, the disruption can set us back further than we realise. Imagine for a moment your ideal […]

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Business direction

Stay Focused And On Track – Reach Goals Faster!

Over the Easter break I rode in a 112km sportive (essentially a long bike ride). These rides are typically well organised, marshalled and sign-posted. And while not a ‘race’ per se, they are set up with the incentive of placing in a gold, silver or bronze category depending on your time. You’re given a map […]

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