Blog Launch – Making Life Simpler…

Hello Everyone, and welcome to the grand opening of my weekly blog: “Making Life Simpler…”

I’ll be offering tips and tricks, updates, real-life experiences and other practical thoughts and solutions on how to …make life simpler. The blog will run the gamut covering organising, time management, home staging and – every now and again – something completely random!

To get you started, here is a fun yet practical bite-sized activity to try.  First take note of the time, or if you have one handy use a stopwatch.  Now time yourself as you go and get your keys – be honest and start the timer first – then report back!

How long did it take you? 30 seconds…10 minutes…or are you still looking? Seriously, if it took you less than a minute and you knew exactly where to go, then well done! If it was more like a 10-minute expedition and you searched more than 3 places, then perhaps a slight adjustment is in order?

It may seem like a small silly exercise, and maybe 10 minutes doesn’t seem significant, but those minutes lost searching for things can add up and rob you of time better spent on other activities.  In most cases, the reason is that your keys – or other similarly important and regularly-used items – simply do not have a consistent home.

What to do: Right now, designate a single consistent place where your keys will live and get into the habit of placing them there first thing when you walk in the door.  It may be a hook or key cabinet on a wall, a decorative bowl on a table or console, whatever works for you.  Be sure that the location is convenient and start immediately! In fact, try it out a few times in a row – enter your home and put your keys in their new place. Then go back outside and do it again. Repetition will help drill in a new habit.  Done daily, the ease of consistently having your keys at hand whenever you need them will encourage you to maintain your new system. Gain extra minutes and reduce stress! …Now, what else are you constantly searching for?

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