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Do you feel guilty taking you time?

Do You Feel Guilty Taking You Time?

Do you feel guilty about taking time out of your schedule …just for YOU? “If I could just schedule some ‘me-time’ …and not feel guilty about it!” I hear this A LOT in working with my clients, and it came up again in a purely social conversation just last week. Now, you may have zero issue […]

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time to schedule unscheduled time

Time To Schedule Unscheduled Time

What does your week look like? And I mean that quite literally. Pause for a moment and glance at your schedule. Cast an eye on today, this week and – while you’re at it – next week as well. Hand on heart, are there any ‘free’ gaps or have you scheduled yourself to the max? […]

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How Much Time Do You Really Have

How Much Time Do You Really Have?

How much time do you really have? I’d be willing to wager it’s not as much as you’d like to think. On a Friday I like to review my task management system to assess what I intended to accomplish over the course of the week …versus actual results. Do you do the same? If not, I […]

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wasting time ask for help

Wasting Time? Ask For Help

Are you stuck on something? How to create a formula in your excel spreadsheet, how to launch your email campaign, how to re-organise your office? We are ambitious, competent professionals. Yet sometimes we come up against a task that requires a skill set or knowledge base we’re simply not experienced in. In my opinion that’s […]

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Pomodoro Keeper Timer App 700

Set A Timer And Get More Done

The humble timer is arguably one of the simplest, most effective tools to keep us time-focused. In the context of work or study, setting a timer… Provides a sense of urgency. Helps us work through the noise of everything else screaming for attention. Gives us a deadline. Quickens our pace to get things done. Helps us avoid time […]

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time planner with pen

7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Schedule

Does your diary need a spring clean? Ah spring, the time to clear out our homes and begin afresh! Time to throw open the doors, whisk away the old and give our space a good sprucing. But why stop there? It’s not just our physical space that becomes overrun with fusty old ‘stuff’. Our diaries get weighed […]

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What is Your Excuse

Why You Need An Accountability Partner

If another week’s gone past and you still didn’t perform the simple yet important task you assigned yourself, it begs the question: What’s your excuse?  Part of the problem may be that you’re only reporting to yourself. When there’s little to no consequence for not doing something, the chances are greater we’ll let ourselves off […]

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office interior with running businessman

Be Punctual – Refuse To Do One More Thing

One time-stealing habit that can sabotage our efforts to be punctual is this: We think we can do one more thing before we walk out the door. Check for messages, compose an email, make a phone call, take a quick peek at Facebook or Twitter, organise the cupboards, etc. Most of the things we try […]

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Productivity - Running A Business, Not Running Around

Microsoft – Productivity: Running a Business, Not Running Around

Microsoft – Productivity: Running a Business, Not Running Around Article posted by Microsoft Small Business, with contributing experts Clare Evans, author of ‘Time Management for Dummies’ and Cory Cook who share tips on productivity and time management.  Tips include the benefits and importance of taking a strategic approach to running your business, planning, prioritising, and […]

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