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do you love your office?

Do You Love Your Office?

Do you love your office? …or have you lost that lovin’ feeling? As far as I’m concerned, little says ‘love’ like an affair with a workspace you’re excited to show up to! You know the feeling… A space that lures you in for a productive day’s work …with its irresistible sense of order and oh-so-charming […]

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How To Be More Organised At Work

This contributing article was first published on 21 January 2015 in The Guardian on-line Small Business Network. View the on-line article here: How To Be More Organised At Work  Being organised is one of the most effective skills a small business can acquire to achieve success. When we’re organised, we think more clearly. We’re in […]

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Messy Designer's Table with Blank Note and Tools

Take A Challenge – Clear Your Desk

Clear your desk, clear your mind! Sometimes our workspace gets a little out of control with too many documents, stationery and who knows what. Before we know it we’re working off a patch of desk the size of a post-it note. This isn’t to say a minimalist worktop is necessary to be productive. However, if […]

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One Way To Motivate Yourself Into Action

How do you motivate yourself into action when your to-do’s leave you uninspired? Let’s face it, not all tasks are created equal. Some duties are fun and give us those coveted quick wins. Others can be downright loathsome, daunting, tedious, mundane or boring. One reason for our struggle to get moving is due to a […]

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heeeeeeeelp! (serie)

5 Ways Your Disorganised Office is Costing You

Have a good look at your work space. Is it a flourishing environment where you feel productive and in control? Or is the chaos of a disorganised office leaving you stressed and overwhelmed? If it’s the latter, your work environment may be causing you to suffer in more ways than you realise. Consider the areas […]

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Start Work at COB – Planning and Productivity

What time did you start work today …and I mean really start work, not just when you took your seat with a cuppa at your desk? If you sat down, turned on your computer, and reached immediately for the folder containing the most important business of the day then well done! Was that not quite […]

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