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3 Reasons For End Of Year Stress And What To Do About It

Gasp! There’s not much left of November …are you feeling the crunch? 

I think it’s fair to say most everyone is!

Here’s a short video to highlight these three reasons we stress ourselves out this time of year …and what we can do about it!

Watch the video if any of these resonate with you…

1 Do you fail to recollect past experience?

From one year to the next, we tend to forget those last-minute, end-of-year activities that cause us panic. We muddle through, hope for the best and then history repeats itself. Sound familiar?

  • What to do: Knowledge is power, so examine the data! Review your diary, your emails, anything that serves as a log of activity from last year. Is there a usual rush of last-minute client demands? Do you wait to the last minute to order and send corporate gifts? Spotting the patterns can help you prepare differently this year. 

2 Do you fail to plan for much needed buffer time?

It’s not always easy to say no, but the reality is, overcommitment drains our time and energy. Do you really want to start your holiday on burn-out?

  • What to do: Review your diary and ring-fence a few days to keep as a buffer. You’ll meet those last-minute demands with less stress, and that extra time you guard for yourself will save your sanity. Give yourself permission to enjoy a less-stressful end of year! 

3 Do you feel you have to do it all …and fail to delegate?

Let’s be honest, we may be capable of great things, but we’re not capable of everything all at once.

  • What to do: Enlist some help! Consider who you could delegate some jobs to, whether in-house or outsourced, and do it. Give yourself the gift of extra bandwidth. Even temporary help from a Virtual Assistant could be just what you need to lighten the load.  

Your assignment for today is to take proactive action on one of the above. 

Remind yourself what happened last year, schedule a buffer day or two, or find that perfect task to off-load to someone else.

Ahhhhh …how would that feel? I’m feeling a small reprieve just thinking about it!

As always, let me know how you get on, I love hearing from you! 

P.S. Have you been meaning to finally organise your office, or freshen up your time management mastery? In the spirit of ring-fencing time in the diary, consider booking time with me now so we can get started in the New Year!

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*Video Credit: Jules Spencer-Smith

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