Un-pack & Move-in

Recently moved into a new house or office?

Moving is stressful enough on its own, let alone the arrival of all your boxes, unpacking and determining where all your stuff is going to go. Our unpack- and move-in service can save you time, stress and hassle by getting you organised from the start.

Areas will have a defined purpose and function so items can be placed where retrieval will be natural and easy. We offer creative solutions for maximizing storage space and physical layout.

Inevitably things get packed that may not necessarily warrant space in your new home or office. We help you decide what is truly important to you and assist in arranging the removal of anything unwanted. Enjoy a fresh start in your new surroundings.

  • Minimise stress and down-time
  • Establish an immediate sense of routine, order and efficiency
  • Invest in organising at the beginning, save yourself from a major overhaul later

All projects begin with a no-obligation chat by phone to discuss your requirements. Call or email me today to book, or for more information on how I can help you un-pack and move-in.

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