Could You Use An End Of Year Clearance?

At home or at work, the act of clearing out the old paves the way for all things new; new thoughts and ideas, new opportunities, new experiences.

End of year is a great time to address the backlog and weed out the year’s accumulated clutter.

True, the end of the year is flying at us at light speed, but there’s still time for even a small effort. If you’re ready to clear the cobwebs of 2015, set yourself one (or more) of these end of year clearance challenges:

Clear for charity
Where could you do with less inventory at home? Wardrobes, children’s rooms, kitchen? Let’s be honest. We all have items in perfectly good condition that we don’t use, and won’t use, that could help others enjoy a better holiday. Instigate a household cull for a good cause. Set a timer and gather as many items to donate as you can. If you have family get them involved, too. Setting a deadline prior to Christmas will help you get the job done. You’ll reclaim coveted space and invoke the spirit of giving.

Declare a reading amnesty
Have you amassed volumes of unread magazines, newspaper clippings, online articles? Whether it’s personal or professional reading, wipe the slate clean. Allow yourself the current month’s issues or a quickly selected top 10 likely reads if you must. Otherwise, give yourself a break and let the rest go. Be honest, do you really have time to read the backlog? You can start fresh with new material in the New Year.

Streamline your business
What is the direction of your business, career or current role? What is your business activity? Define where you really want to be heading next year and eliminate any materials, documents, old notes, course binders or other obsolete data that doesn’t support your direction. Of course retain anything that must be kept for tax or legal reasons, but clear the rest down to the essentials you’ll truly need. Start the New Year with clarity.

Fix it or dismiss it
From broken equipment to clothes that need mending, what’s lingering in an unfinished state of repair? Be tough, tell yourself it’s now or never. Resolve to mend or fix any such items before year end, or let them go. Make a collective list of all items in need of mending or repair. Then decide which, if any, would give you great joy and satisfaction to have fixed. Ask if any item is really worth the time, money and energy. If it’s a resounding yes, make arrangements before year end. If not, dismiss it. Give yourself permission to let go.

Clear your contacts
Depending on your database this could be a mammoth undertaking, but a liberating one at that. Update your contacts, ensuring you have current details. Merge or eliminate duplicate entries. Weed out any that are no longer relevant or that leave you clueless. That goes for personal and professional contacts alike.

What do you least want to drag with you into 2016?

What would give you the greatest satisfaction to get sorted by year end? How great would that feel?

Tackle it with zest. Small measures count so don’t let an ‘all or nothing’ approach stop you.

Commit to the challenge and make it your mission to be toasting your accomplishment on 31st December.

Here’s to a streamlined, organised and productive 2016!

What other ‘cobwebs’ could you clear by year end?

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