What Our Clients Say

It was a pleasure working with Cory. She was an excellent speaker for our events programme and always aimed to deliver in the 2 years she worked with us. She spoke at the City Business Library on Time management and Improving your personal productivity and was a real expert in her field which were always very popular. I look forward to more opportunities to work with Cory in the future.

Jesi Vaghela
Events & Social Media Strategist - City Business Library, London, UK

Getting an office space functioning quickly and efficiently was key for me. And, Cory was the perfect person to hire. Cory, has a brilliant strategy for creating an office system, and space that works. I really enjoyed working with her, she’s knowledgeable, an ultimate professional and friendly. ​That’s why I recommend Cory to colleagues and friends...

Maria Adebowale-Schwarte
Director - Living Space Project, London, UK

Cory doesn't just get you organised she brings you clarity. It's one thing to tidy things away but - I've been doing that endlessly; Cory holds the bag and asks the questions you need to answer so you can let go of all the physical stuff that doesn't serve you. She then helps you establish a flow of how you position the rest of what's left so it works in your new clear space! Thanks Cory for giving me back my office space to include a Creative Corner!

Stacia Keogh 
Director - StoryPreZ, London, UK

The start of a major new project was the ideal moment for me to consult Cory about time management. After showing me how to use a time map to analyse my week, she helped me to set up a system to ensure that I always know what needs to be done each day. By building into this ways to assess realistically how long each task will take and to give priority to the most important, Cory has enabled me to be more efficient. I now have more time each day not only for my new venture, but also for myself as ‘time out’ no longer gets ignored at the end of a very long ‘to do’ list! I would definitely recommend Cory to anyone who wants to make the most of their time without getting stressed out.

Karen Storey
Owner - Homespace, London, UK

Hi Cory, I have been an avid follower of yours and find your articles invaluable. I have used your advice over the last several years and this has been invaluable to me as a very busy EA to a Global Chairman. I am not sure I would be where I am today with out your articles and advice. Thank you Cory as you do such a brilliant job at making my job easier and manageable. I have passed your news letters and advice on to many friends both in the profession and outside and we all praise you.

Jan Goodall
Executive Assistant to Global Chairman - OIS Services, London, UK

The study is exactly as you left it and I have had a very productive day including, including a long walk with Jack! THANK YOU so much for all your help yesterday. I learned so much from you - I would have never thought of this system before, but now that it is in place, I can breathe easily. I feel much more in control of business and life’s paperwork!

Shikhita S.
Owner - Fair Cake Ltd., London, UK

I have a hectic work schedule as a Doctor, and the precious free time that I wanted to spend with my husband, was being slowly eroded by the amount of time I wasted living and working within an embarrassingly disorganised environment.

The paperwork, boxes and overflowing desk meant half of my home became a ‘no-go zone’ when guests came round, and my overstuffed wardrobe meant it took ages to get a crumpled outfit together.No amount of procrastination, or half –hearted attempts to get my act together had worked. I was on the verge of signing up for some expensive off-site storage, when a colleague told me about Cory.

I was a little unsure at first. Then my husband suggested that ‘if a pipe bursts, you call a plumber, so why not call a professional to help get a home organised?’

I had expected a fancy spring-clean. Instead, I experienced a highly intelligent step-by-step assessment of my home / belongings / lifestyle needs, and I was taught to look honestly at my possessions so that I could eliminate what I didn’t need. She enabled me to re-discover clothes and outfits and to get a functional and logical layout to my wardrobe, shelves and office.

It works perfectly for me, because she designed it for me. The brilliant part is that it is ridiculously easy to maintain.

Cory was professional, cheerful and non-judgmental. She has saved me time, money, and probably my sanity.

When astonished friends ask me what has happened to bring about the miraculous transformation of my home and office, I tell them that the ‘Cory Cook’ happened! Quite simply, it’s been the single best-value-for-money investment that I’ve ever made.

Dr Cath Spencer-Smith
Physician in Sport & Exercise Medicine - Sportdoc London Ltd, London, UK

Dear Cory, I really enjoyed working with you! I will absolutely keep you in mind for anything in future - you are excellent. 

Katalin Tischhauser
London, UK

Cory and I met at a local Café to avoid distractions from the Office and the urge to answer the phone. She was very relaxed but well organised in her fact finding. In talking around how I spent my time, it was surprising to learn that what seemed like a hectic and chaotic time could be tweaked to fit in other things that I wanted to do. It forced me to think about my priorities. Work? Family? Exercise?

I was impressed that Cory was so enthusiastic about her work and not at all judgmental. I came away with a new feeling of being in control and looking forward to receiving the plan of my time. In less than 24hours I received my Time Map for all my activities from waking to going to bed.

Cory was a good listener and the detailed notes she had made were accurate. She had squeezed in the daily walk I wanted and improved my morning routine. Cory encouraged me to make the changes gradually. After the session there were a number of changes to my work commitments, and following the plan helped me to make the most of them.

I would fully recommend spending time with Cory to help manage your time. A life changing experience.

Marcia Rogers
Azalea Services, UK

Cory was warm and friendly but also very professional. She helped me to see things more clearly and she helped me to find a way of organising my paperwork, my closets and my head in a way that worked for me, personally, and in a way that I have been able to keep to, even to present day. Highly recommended.

Andrea Shaw
Owner / Director - Shaw Talent Ltd, London, UK

Cory is a consummate professional who made a daunting & slightly emotional task almost a joy. There is now more order and serenity where there was borderline chaos before! She works based on your needs and wants but is a great different perspective & suggestions provider if required. I look forward to having the opportunity for working with her again.

Alex H.
London, UK

Hi Cory…I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for everything you helped me do to re-organise my home. It has been life-changing. This was the first time in at least four years that I’ve been able to throw a dinner party and I’m not sure I could have had anyone over here without your help in getting my life in order. The apartment still looks tidy and great and my dinner party went pretty much flawlessly because of your help. I’ve kept everything in order ever since and vow to never cover a flat surface again! Thank you so, so much for your help.

Chuck J.
Paris, France

As a Personal Trainer my life can be very chaotic and busy. I work odd hours and with a variety of different customers who have different needs and requirements. Somehow in all of this, I need to be able to keep track and record their results, plan for their progression and schedule them into my working day. On a personal side, I also need to be continually carrying out research, marketing for new customers as well as performing my own training for Ironman triathlons.

I called Cory to help me as my “filing system” seemed to be a haphazard collection of notes on scraps of paper and folders with mixed-up, redundant information scattered all over my home. Apart from my scheduled appointments, my days had no real structure to them. Cory was able to drill down to the essentials to create a logical and simple system that separated my work and personal life. I can now instantly put my hand on the information I need and no longer root through piles of cryptic notes!

The other area Cory helped me out with was time management. My hours vary greatly from day to day and while I had a reasonable system, I often neglected to factor into my day those essential tasks like admin, marketing or training. I would just “wing it” and not really have a clear plan. I am now able to dedicate time to these tasks and focus on them without any distractions. I have a clear view of my weeks ahead, and although it may change from time to time to meet customer’s needs, Cory has given me the tools to enable me to see how I can re-factor them into my days.

In a relatively short period of time, Cory was able to streamline and focus my time and organise my work space. Simply put, thanks to her I am now far more effective and efficient. I can dedicate quality time to improving and growing my business, as well as having the time for my own pursuits. Brilliant!

Adrian Durran
Personal Trainer, London, UK

A short poem about the wonderful Cory Cook, who walked into our life to give it order and who has become a friend in a million. For heaven’s sake, do yourself a favour and check her website out! This woman isn’t just a Superwoman in “house doctoring” she is an Ironwoman!

She swooped into our lives via a 450 bus,

Not through the air hanging from an umbrella.

She took over the stage with minimum fuss,

Our Poppins, yes our “Cinderella”.

She carried a bag full of marvellous things,

And here’s the wickedly real paradox,

She used stickers and labels and scissors and strings,

And sorted my previous life into a box.

For her this is fun, it’s what makes her pulse race,

This sorting, recycling and throwing,

When she’s done there is order and logic and SPACE,

All this and she’s positively glowing.

So yes, I’ve been sorted, decluttered,

All my excesses Ms Cook overcame,

The first words that she should have uttered,

Was “I’m a Poppins! To me this job is a game!”

But this isn’t all to the marvellous Ms Cook,

Her qualities know no obvious end,

She’s charming, efficient, has a sunny outlook,

Above all, she’s a very good friend.

Caro Field
Caro Ness Award-Winning Author, London, UK

Cory’s skills were put to the test when I downsized my firm from an office environment to a home office. Her input proved invaluable in keeping up the professional appearance in the home, maintaining efficiency in limited space and managing the professional/personal conflicts that would have been overwhelming without her guidance.

Barbara B.
President - B2 Developer Services, USA

Things are great – I love my systems and you have literally changed my life. I can’t thank you enough!!!

Pam B.
Realtor, Texas, USA

I had so much clutter and junk that I had procrastinated over many, many years. Cory came in and de-cluttered, reorganised and put my life back in order. I am just loving my new and organised set up. And Cory is just an absolute pleasure to work with, there isn’t a more honest and professional organiser in all of God’s green earth.

Steve O.
Texas, USA

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE my new address/phone listing you did for me…it is wonderful and works how I work. This morning I needed to make out a couple of bills and send some cards…that list is a miracle…and knowing that everything – every contact, address and phone number - was THERE in one place was such a relief. I’m sure it lured me into taking care of those pesky chores that I put off because of my disastrous address conglomeration!!!! Also, having my postage stamps, check book, address labels, etc. right in that same drawer has made all the difference. When I picked up the mail today, I just went to that drawer and used my letter opener. What a nice set up I have now…thanks to you! Really, I don’t know how to explain how great that contacts address/phone list is for me! Thank you so much!!!

Carol C.
Client Services Manager, Texas, USA

This letter is written in recommendation of Cory Cook as an extremely skilled professional organizer. Cory came into my home and enabled me to bring order and beauty into the areas that she addressed. Her insightfulness and sense of reason made culling out and restructuring a delightful process. Her ideas are smart, prudent and doable. She is very talented and inspires one to see the practical aspect of eliminating excess and the need for space management. Working with Cory was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommend her services.

Barbara W.
Texas, USA