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What Are You Doing About That Squeaky Door

What Are You Doing About That Squeaky Door?

What are you up to today? It might be a workday for you, or maybe you’re about to unplug for some fun or relaxing downtime. If the latter sounds far too indulgent, as you count up the list of things you still need to do, you’re not alone. Many people I work with find it […]

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Having A Bad Day?

Are you having a bad day? Take heart, we all have bad days from time to time. It doesn’t take much to get sucked into a whirlwind of stress and overwhelm. But the key is to recognise when we’re stuck so we can take measures to get out. As my Mother says, “Worry is like […]

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Time Trap

10 Ways To Stop Wasting Time

I have so much that I want to do. I hate wasting time. –Stephen Hawking Is wasting time stopping you from productivity, achievement, enjoyment? We all have our time traps. The trick is in becoming more time aware. Recognising when we slip makes it easier to catch ourselves and revert back to making time count. […]

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Afraid Of Opening Mail? 7 Steps To Dealing With Unopened Post

We all fall behind from time to time, but if you’re amassing several stacks of post because you’re afraid of opening mail, the consequences could be costly. Mounting late fees. Poor credit ratings. Unclaimed money. Missed opportunities. Anxiety and stress. You may deeply dread what may be lurking inside, but ignoring your mail won’t make […]

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One Way To Motivate Yourself Into Action

How do you motivate yourself into action when your to-do’s leave you uninspired? Let’s face it, not all tasks are created equal. Some duties are fun and give us those coveted quick wins. Others can be downright loathsome, daunting, tedious, mundane or boring. One reason for our struggle to get moving is due to a […]

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