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5 Ways Your Disorganised Office is Costing You

Have a good look at your work space. Is it a flourishing environment where you feel productive and in control? Or is the chaos of a disorganised office leaving you stressed and overwhelmed? If it’s the latter, your work environment may be causing you to suffer in more ways than you realise. Consider the areas […]

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Have A Minute? Managing Interruptions

Interruptions are a part of life. Sometimes they bring a welcome break, especially if we’ve been working on something tedious or boring. But when we allow the interruptions to run rampant and trod all over our best laid plans, the disruption can set us back further than we realise. Imagine for a moment your ideal […]

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Home Office – What Are Your Boundaries?

We all know the ‘perks’ of working from home: work as little or as much as you want, wear what you want, nip out for lattes or personal errands, throw in a load of laundry, work into the night. Want to have an extended lunch with your friends? No problem, you can make up the […]

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