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Be Punctual – Refuse To Do One More Thing

One time-stealing habit that can sabotage our efforts to be punctual is this: We think we can do one more thing before we walk out the door. Check for messages, compose an email, make a phone call, take a quick peek at Facebook or Twitter, organise the cupboards, etc. Most of the things we try […]

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Afraid Of Opening Mail? 7 Steps To Dealing With Unopened Post

We all fall behind from time to time, but if you’re amassing several stacks of post because you’re afraid of opening mail, the consequences could be costly. Mounting late fees. Poor credit ratings. Unclaimed money. Missed opportunities. Anxiety and stress. You may deeply dread what may be lurking inside, but ignoring your mail won’t make […]

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Why You Should Reduce Your Working Hours

One of the most effective ways to increase productivity and ensure the important things get done is to reduce your working hours. It’s easy to let work run rampant with a big open schedule. But when it’s crunch time, we’re forced to prioritise and only the important stuff makes the cut. As Brian Tracy says, […]

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