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Do you really need one more thing?

Do You Really Need One More Thing?

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.” ~ Henry David Thoreau Do you really need one more thing? Feeling overwhelmed? Take some solace that you’re not alone! I’ve been busy working with clients in their homes and home offices, and over the past couple of weeks in particular I’ve noticed a recurring theme: […]

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Priceless Benefits Of Being Organised

The Priceless Benefits Of Being Organised

Real benefits of being organised span far beyond the aesthetics of an ‘orderly organised space’. In fact the real benefits are often priceless… If you’re feeling a bit behind or overwhelmed as you look around your home or office, have a think about what it would really mean to you to bring things back under […]

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Do Your Patterns Help Or Hinder Your Success?

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” – Juli Kupferberg As we’ve now inched past mid-year (gasp!), I figured it was an opportune time for a temperature check. Where do you stand with your professional and/or personal goals? Are you more or less on track, or have you been veering off-piste for a while? Don’t worry. There’s still […]

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What Are You Doing About That Squeaky Door

What Are You Doing About That Squeaky Door?

What are you up to today? It might be a workday for you, or maybe you’re about to unplug for some fun or relaxing downtime. If the latter sounds far too indulgent, as you count up the list of things you still need to do, you’re not alone. Many people I work with find it […]

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10 Essential Productivity Tools For Tech-Savvy Leaders

Guest Post, by Irina Nica from Hubgets  So many productivity tools, so little time! Lucky for us, Irina Nica from Hubgets has done some serious legwork on some of the tools out there to help make your workday a bit more sane and productive. What’s better, she’s compiled a shortlist that I’m delighted to feature […]

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Do You Need To Sort Your Screaming Desk?

Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence. ~Buddha What’s on tap today? I’m fairly certain you’ve got quite a bit going on so let’s take just a minute or two to assess your workspace. One of the top things we need to perform our best work and get the most from […]

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Could you finish your work by noon?

Could You Finish Your Work By Noon?

Are you up for a productivity challenge today? Excellent, I thought you might be game! Here’s your mission: Complete your day’s work by noon. That’s it! Now, let’s be reasonable, it may not be realistic for you to complete all your work by noon (depending partly when you’re reading this!). However, I’d wager you can […]

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When The Going Gets Tough…

…The tough get strategic! If it was easy, everyone would do it. ~Unknown What are you working on this week? Has it been smooth sailing? or have you hit a hiccup or two? You may have even experienced a combination of both! I think we all know what that’s like! Often our most important work, […]

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Will You End Your Workday Satisfied?

“Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.” ~Unknown Ahhhhh, is there anything as satisfying as that first cup of coffee (or your favourite morning beverage)? With the exception of the second cuppa, I’d suggest a pretty strong contender is ending the workday satisfied. That fulfilling feeling from having successfully executed those tasks you […]

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